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Sean O'Neal

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Chief Business Strategist and Operator with 21 years of Marketing and Technology experience. Proven leader experienced in team building and organizational management, and track record of accelerated revenue growth in both start-up and mature businesses. Accomplished business-to-business marketing and brand strategist. Public speaker, media contributor, and industry association leader.

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  • The Next Ad Blocker: Social Media by George Simpson (Online Media Daily on 04/16/2015)

    Broadcast television and social media have certainly collided, no argument there.  I think most brands have recognized this and many of them are adapting accordingly.  Twitter is where the majority of these “diversions” are taking place, which is why they have proactively developed solutions for their advertisers to turn those diversions into connections.  Twitter’s TV ad targeting product, specifically, enables marketers to deliver promoted tweets to the audiences who are engaging with those very programs they are advertising on.  Lots of data out there to show this stuff works, here’s just one data point

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