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Toby Gabriner

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  • President
  • 1 Waters Technology Drive
  • San Mateo California
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  • Is 'Public Vs. Private Exchange' The Wrong Question? in Programmatic Insider on 07/15/2014

    The digital ad industry is on the cusp of a seismic shift. We need look no further than the interview of GroupM's Ari Bluman posted recently. Joe Mandese asked tough, thoughtful questions and Bluman came back with tough, thoughtful answers. He made a lot of excellent points about fraud, waste, and the fact that today's often out-of-control ad tech ecosystem is getting in the way of advertisers getting the return they deserve on their digital investments.

  • The Shifting Tides Of Video Advertising in Video Insider on 02/14/2012

    We don't use travel agents to book flights anymore, we can do all of our banking digitally, there's no need for record stores since our music is just a mouse click away and our friends all stay in touch through social networks. Virtually every facet of life has experienced a transformation from an old, manual process to a newer, more automated way. If we value the conveniences offered and the capabilities afforded to us by self-service and automation, why are we still trading advertising like it's the 1960s?

  • The Good and the Bad of Ad Network Proliferation in OMMA Magazine on 05/01/2009

    If Jack Myers' predictions, shared by Wenda Harris Millard during her keynote at the IAB annual meeting in late February, are true, then we are staring at a major industry contraction.

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  • Upfront? We Don't Need No Stinking Digital Video Upfront by Daisy Whitney (VidBlog on 02/23/2012)

    Thanks Daisy for shedding light and getting this conversation started. To clarify, believes the “programmatic movement” isn’t about assimilating to the upfront season or even to the old process. Quite the contrary, it’s about marshalling in a whole new process of buying and selling that removes the inefficiencies and pain points inherent to video advertising. To Darrin’s point, it shouldn’t cost advertisers or publishers more in terms of time or money just because the “old” way no longer works. Nowhere is the need for programmatic more keenly felt than with the media buyers. They are trying to identify audiences, strategize and negotiate placements and price, and monitor performance across a multitude of new variables – with a spreadsheet! This is about changing the paradigm of how "future" inventory is secured in a much more efficient manner.

  • Coming Next: Real-Time Bartering Of Video Ads by Jason Burke (Video Insider on 04/19/2010)

    Jason - great article. Could not agree more, but one minor correction...a video ad exchange exists today it is called the video marketplace and it launched to much fanfare on February 17: Currently, we have over two dozen buyers and over 700 publishers in the market! Check it out at

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