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  • Recession. Rinse. Repeat  in Marketing: Travel on 08/22/2011

    It's summer. The only double-dip I want to be thinking about is one involving an ice cream cone and some chocolate hard shell. But right now that phrase, "double-dip," and that other word, recession, are causing all travel marketers to take a hard look at Q4 and ask how we keep people traveling despite another dive in confidence and investment balances.

  • Should You Flash?  in Marketing: Travel on 06/27/2011

    Only time will tell whether the amount of a discount will matter less in a luxury environment: will it simply be the matter of there actually being a discount (not normal in luxury) or will it need to be enough to make something previously seeming unattainable now within reach.

  • Brendan The Beer Guy Gives Us Some Pointers in Marketing: Travel on 05/23/2011

    The biggest area for travel marketers to apply this learning is in e-mail marketing. Keeping customers from opting out means being frugal with our e-mail messaging. We need to learn from our customer's past behaviors to ensure that what we send them is of interest and meaningful to them. Over-emailing will just create mass opt-outs, reducing our databases and hurting what can be one of our most effective conversion mediums.

  • When Assumptions Aren't Bad  in Marketing: Travel on 04/25/2011

    The exercise is fairly simple -- take a concept, a category, or simply an idea and then list all of the assumptions about it. Then take each assumption and list the exact opposite of that assumption. And then use those reverse assumptions to ideate.

  • Winning The Promotional Game: Your Secret Weapon Is You  in Marketing: Travel on 02/28/2011

    Be imaginative. Be smart. But most of all be brave. Look at what is special and unique about your brand and create promotions that give your consumer access to it. This is the new value in travel. And it's uniquely yours.

  • Measure Twice, Cut Once  in Marketing: Travel on 01/24/2011

    So when do clicks really count? The Booking phase. Especially in the most down-funnel placements such as the OTAs, clicks become your greatest indicator of success because at this point it's not about interest, it's about action -- driving people to your site to complete the sale.

  • My 2011 Wish List  in Marketing: Travel on 12/27/2010

    The new year is almost upon us so it seems only fitting to take a moment and think about resolutions for next year. I suppose I can't really make resolutions for us all, but I will take this time to share a few wishes that I have for travel marketing in 2011.

  • Purposeful Premium  in Marketing: Travel on 11/22/2010

    Garner your share of increased travel spend in 2011.

  • Effectiveness Of ECRM Depends On Execution in Marketing: Travel on 10/25/2010

    It's fourth quarter, we're all looking at the numbers we're supposed to hit by year-end, and we're putting all hands on deck to figure out how to achieve them. Based on the number of email offers I've received in the last week, it's clear that a lot of travel marketers are turning to eCRM as a way to help bolster results.

  • Institutionalizing Brand In Your Organization  in Marketing: Travel on 09/27/2010

    Keeping an organization in tune and on script with the evolution of its brand and communications is critical to ensuring a consistent customer experience and an engaged workforce. All the more important for we travel marketers, since experience is our business.

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