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Kyle Priest

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Kyle Priest leads the way in the creation of eBusiness strategies and solutions that stand at the intersection of technology and marketing. With a career built on groundbreaking campaigns for brands like Pepsi-Cola and RadioShack, Priest now offers the nation’s leading companies a unique, comprehensive approach to the online space with Crown’s unified suite of technology, strategy and creative solutions.

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  • 5 Ways To Maintain Prestige (And Sales) In A Down Market Without Depreciating Brand Value by Kyle Priest (Engage:Affluent on 11/09/2011)

    Great point, Paula. Thanks for the though provoking question. Not sure I have the perfect answer, but here's my feeling on this: I believe that Louis Vuitton and others have successfully figured out three things that keep them relevant, current, and in demand: 1. Creative point of view - regardless of the season or item, LV and others take a long term creative point of view that is unique to their brand. These companies understand and execute flawlessly at ensuring their style and brand attributes are always present and distinguishable. From the LV icon, to the quality of goods, to the stitching, to the attitude/shape, it is always inherently LV. Ultimately, this is the most important thing to LV and other brands' success - having a POV that is unique and stellar creates a platform for growth in consumer goods that cannot be beat. No distribution strategy, or manufacturing strategy can supplant a strong Creative POV in this arena for building brand equity and demand. 2. Tradition - through a commitment to quality, the brand has achieved an iconic state that gives it permission to keep some items available in perpetuity. Just as Gucci does with its colored stripes, LV leverages its traditional mark across its line. 3. Exclusivity - through small(er) batch, and short(er) runs of goods, the uniqueness of any product still reflects the overall brand, yet adds to the current relevance of the brand

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