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Kathy Oneto

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Kathy Oneto is a strategic brand marketer and business leader working in CPG, Retail, and Technology sectors. She is a thought leader in the areas of branding, marketing to women, trends, and innovation. Kathy is the curator of, a blog that features movements and perspectives rising on the horizon. It covers trends in branding & marketing, consumer & culture, and the economy & industry.

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  • Millennial Branding in Engage:Millennials on 03/30/2015

    Are Millennials elusive consumers for established brands? While some long-standing brands do well with Millennials, others struggle. According to a study by the Moosylvania agency, almost all of Millennials' top 50 favorite brands are large companies, the top three being Nike, Apple, and Samsung.

  • Innovation Ecosystems in Marketing Daily on 03/08/2013

    In today's world of changing business models, mass entrepreneurs, and a growing "maker economy," we find a hotbed of innovation ecosystems. Where once companies sought to build everything themselves and make it perfect out of the gate, some companies are now creating platforms upon which others -- from companies to individuals -- are building businesses themselves.

  • The Forces At Work In 2013 in Marketing Daily on 01/22/2013

    With a view toward 2013, it's hard to predict where the winds will take us. Will we follow the pessimistic view of the business world or the more optimistic view of consumers? Will people think big and pursue bold new projects and initiatives, or will they turn inward and look to make small incremental change? It's a time of polarity and dueling choices.

  • Consumers As Brand Marketers in Marketing Daily on 10/30/2012

    Given the new world of co-creation branding where consumers set the rules and marketers need to facilitate rather than dictate brand culture, marketers should engage consumers not to get something for free, but to build stronger brand affinity that is consistent with consumer desires and expectations for the brand.

  • Latin Rising In America in Marketing Daily on 08/07/2012

    Across the dimensions of food, fashion, pop culture, marketing, and retail, Latin rising can bring Latin influence to all Americans -- and can serve as inspiration to build ideas that are relevant to a marketer's brand and products.

  • Eating Wild: Food Fit For Cavemen in Marketing Daily on 07/31/2012

    This wild food movement could be the next evolution of natural, organic, and slow food -- don't just grow it, forage for it. Don't just eat natural or organic -- get back to the basics of how we are meant to eat.

  • Passionate Leaders Build Passionate Brands  in Marketing Daily on 05/14/2012

    Find the passion, embed it into your people and culture, and put a face to your brand. Howard Schultz and Starbucks, John Mackey and Whole Foods, and Phil Knight and Nike are all passionate leaders who created passionate brands with strong equity positions and equally strong business performance.

  • Men In Beards, Women In Black in Marketing Daily on 04/27/2012

    Today's marketers must consider the changing roles of men and women in the 21st century. Brands contribute to cultural development -- they have the opportunity to help men and women figure out their new roles and lead a more harmonious existence.

  • Sightings: 10 Trends For 2012 in Marketing Daily on 01/13/2012

    As we start 2012, we forecast a year of "Movement and Progress" across a number of dimensions, fueled by the world's citizenry and macro trends at force. Here are 10 trends.

  • Today's Women: Power, Yet Expectations in Marketing Daily on 12/02/2011

    What marketers can learn about three generations of women and how to speak to their motivations.

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