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Liz Aviles

Member since June 2004Contact Liz

Liz manages the market intelligence team at Chicago-based marketing agency Upshot.

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  • Gen Z Rising: Get On Board Or Get Out Of The Way in Marketing Insider on 06/29/2021

    Gen Z is pushing brands to dispense with the BS, and help them course-correct the imperiled planet they and their children will inherit.

  • Taking An Active Role In Social Shopper Marketing Activation in Marketing: CPG on 04/08/2016

    As a CPG marketer, you get that social activation plays a crucial role in the shopper marketing mix. With almost 60% of Americans already actively using social media, brands and retailers recognize the important role that social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram play in shoppers' digitally enabled path to purchase. Brand and agency teams now consistently work together to maximize the benefits of integrating social in their shopper marketing strategy.

  • Social Reciprocity Can Work For Your Brand, Too in Marketing: CPG on 12/22/2014

    At this point on the calendar, marketers tend to reflect on the best marketing of the year and consider how to apply others' successful strategies to their own brands and categories. Think of it as sideways inspiration.

  • Are You Delivering Seamless Marketing?  in Marketing Daily on 04/17/2012

    Marketers who want consumers to interact with their brands in anything beyond a transactional manner must deliver on consumers' new "great expectations" and ask themselves if they are delivering the marketing equivalent of a "natural user interface."

  • Shopping Pops With Chopping Blocks in Marketing Daily on 12/15/2011

    Ditch the "dumb dad" stereotype and reach out to the 21st-century man.

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  • Agency Valentine's Day Initiatives by Larissa Faw (MAD on 02/13/2019)

    Clever stuff! Valentine's Day is Upshot's anniversary with this year our 25th anniversary. All Upshotters arrived to find a bottle of Ruffino prosecco and a box of chocolates on their desk yesterday. Swoon!Thanks for sharing so much great inspiration.

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