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Bill Day

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  • COO JW Player
  • New York New York
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  • The View From Here in Programmatic Insider on 05/04/2015

    Is there a more debated topic in advertising today than viewability? It reached a fever pitch at the recent IAB Leadership Forum, leading to even more heightened concerns for advertisers and publishers. But what's fueling this hysteria? And why now? Do we have a crisis on our hands? I think not. But it is indicative of how much our ad-tech capabilities have leapt forward and how quickly our business practices (both buy- and sell-side) need to catch up.

  • Clarifying Some Basics About Online Video Advertising in Online Media Daily on 07/22/2009

    Online video is of huge interest to digital marketers right now, and barely a week goes by without research on its continuing growth in an otherwise stormy advertising environment. That being said it is a very new medium in many senses and a number of misconceptions do exist.

  • Straighten Up And Buy Right in Online Media Daily on 03/24/2006

    In case you haven't heard, the FTC is trying to scare the crapware out of the online ad industry.

  • Behavioral Must Behave in Online Media Daily on 09/21/2005

    Our industry has already wrested a significant share of the pie from old-school, demographically driven media by touting targeting technologies that deliver the future of advertising today. So let's admit how far we really are from delivering on that promise.

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  • In One Year, Nearly Double the Number of Ads Streamed Online by P.J. Bednarski (VidBlog on 07/18/2013)

    Thanks PJ: I think that it's important to understand the context of comScore Video Metrix numbers; what they mean and what they don't in terms of the video landscape. • The rankings combine data from a diverse set of players, from traditional networks that serve video in banner display ads, to true in-stream video networks serving streaming video ads in streaming video content, to exchanges which often are a mix of in-banner display and in-stream video. • It also now includes a number of players that operate technology platforms such as SSPs and DSPs, where the comScore beacon could be fired by an entity that did not actually sell the ad. • Finally, the rankings do not take into account content quality that the advertising appears in. Content quality in video can range from UGV to premium. All these factors make the picture cloudier than it may appear as the video ad market matures and requires greater analysis to draw strong conclusions. Thanks for the chance to comment, Bill Day CEO, Tremor Video

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