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Geoff Mccleary

Member since May 2007

Geoffrey McCleary is Vice President/Group Director of Mobile Innovation at Digitas Health. With more than 15 years of pharmaceutical and interactive marketing experience, Geoff is able to provide strategic mobile and technological insights to the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients. As a leading mobile health evangelist, Geoff is a sought after commentator and speaker who has been featured in the NY Times discussing the impact of mobile on health and the future of healthcare. He is an expert source and proponent of using innovation and emerging technologies to create meaningful experiences and connections with patients, consumers and physicians. Geoff stays at the forefront of innovation by mentoring and advising mobile health startups and wearable technology developers throughout the US in partnership with many of the leading health technology accelerators. He also is curator and host of Digitas Health’s premier mobile health innovations summit: mdot, an invitation only summit m.2012 and m.2013, assembled digital and mobile leadership from across the pharma industry to collaborate with leadership from a wide range of pioneering mhealth companies like Google, The Cleveland Clinic, Sprint and more. Geoff earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Penn State University.

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  • Can Mobile Apps Provide the Adherence Focus Pharma Needs? Apple Thinks So in Marketing: Health on 04/08/2016

    One of the biggest challenge pharma marketers face is how to improve patient adherence. Approximately 34% of patients will never fill their first prescription, let alone follow through with a refill. In the age of the smartphone, when everyone is constantly connected to their devices, it makes sense for us to find ways to bring adherence tools into the pockets of patients. Mobile apps that aim to improve medication adherence and post-diagnosis care are becoming more and more popular. But what does it take for an adherence app to really make a difference?

  • Pharma's Guide To Being 'Smart' About The Apple Watch in Marketing: Health on 05/08/2015

    While the Apple Watch still rolls out to the initial pre-order customers, the pharma industry is making changes. Android has rolled out major updates to Android Wear to compete with the Apple Watch and app developers are lining up to add to the over 3,500 existing Apple Watch enabled apps. But what about you? What is your plan to understand how this new screen will impact your efforts?

  • Will You Be A Master In The Coming App-Renaissance? in Marketing: Health on 11/14/2014

    Webster's defines a renaissance as "a situation or period of time when there is a new interest in something that has not been popular in a long time." With more defined and relaxed regulatory guidance on apps from the FDA this year, more and more marketers are taking a serious look at the app, ushering in an app-renaissance in 2015.

  • Wearables 2.0 Give 'Target Heart-Rate' New Meaning in Mobile Marketing Daily on 04/07/2014

    This new generation of wearable devices goes far beyond how many steps you have taken or how long you slept. This opens interesting new opportunities for health and wellness marketers to connect customers with the products and services that will help them the most.

  • Mobile Health Is A Team Sport; Do You Know Who Is Calling The Plays? in Marketing: Health on 11/08/2013

    With high mobile health usage across channels, similar usage patterns to patients in health care settings, and a large stake in care decisions themselves, you need to make sure that the caregiver is considered appropriately when developing your mobile brand approach.

  • Examining Your Options For Building Mobile Sites For Patients And HCPs in Marketing: Health on 06/14/2013

    We know that patients and healthcare professionals are using mobile devices for health and wellness information. In fact, 80% of physicians own a mobile phone, and 68% of them have at least two screens (smartphone and tablet). But many health and wellness brands have been slow to adopt mobile strategies, and have instead relied on the desktop experience to translate to a shrunken screen.

  • Converting Your Brand To A Mobile+ Brand in Marketing: Health on 01/11/2013

    We have passed a significant turning point in patient and physician use of mobile for healthcare over the last 12 months. Adoption of everything from mobile web, to apps, to connected devices and services, and mobile advertising have all increased several times over.

  • IBooks: A Powerful Presentation Tool in Marketing Daily on 02/17/2012

    This new digital publishing innovation -- which has been described as "the next chapter in learning" -- and its authoring tool will be a valuable asset for companies and sales representatives that want to use the iPad to transform their rep-to-customer communications.

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