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Damian Bazadona

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  • Disconnect To Reconnect: How I Found My Personal Quiet This Summer in MediaDailyNews on 09/30/2019

    Why is it so hard to make disconnecting a reality? I learned some key lessons on my journey to find my personal quiet.

  • Who Says TV Is a Dying Medium? in Media Magazine on 04/12/2012

    It's clear that the way we watch television and the very meaning of the word television have been radically altered over the past decade. After all, who needs to watch a big box at a particular time, in a particular place, when we have YouTube, digital recording devices and Hulu? Consumers' television habits have simply evolved with technology, and it has completely stretched the definition of what television programming actually is. It's the very change in definition that has the business trades publishing goofy stories claiming "television is king" one week and crying "television is dying" the following week. The definition and the supporting metrics are drastically different, and it's become difficult to have a serious, constructive conversation on the overall health of the industry.

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  • DAS COO Brian Curran Exits Omnicom by Larissa Faw (MAD on 01/01/2018)

    Brian is a truly genuine person and simply a good guy serving as a very important mentor to many.  A true pro in every sense of the word.  Look forward to hearing about his next move.

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