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Todd Copilevitz

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  • Internet Wake-Up Call in Marketing Daily on 02/21/2018

    The internet has become an overweight couch potato, more content snacking on a buffet of advertiser dollars than building bold, new opportunities.

  • This Election Has Trashed Social Media For All Of Us in Marketing Daily on 11/04/2016

    While the nation's collective nightmare may end on Election Day, brands will be bearing this burden for a long time to come.

  • Welcome To The Age Of Brand Citizenship in Marketing Daily on 07/06/2015

    Gone are the days of staying silent or taking milquetoast stances for fear of alienating a portion of the customer base.

  • Social Puts A Backbone Into Brands in Marketing Daily on 03/27/2014

    As CMOs work with their teams to hone the brand message, they are asking, "Is it worth taking a stand on issues, even if we piss off part of the public?"

  • Cold, Calculated Playfulness  in Marketing Daily on 11/27/2013

    If you thought the Pepsi Challenge was brass knuckle tactics, then strap in tight. The future holds the promise of pitched battles that start without warning, cost next to nothing, and play out for all to watch. Any brand with a Twitter account, a sharp writer and an oversized dose of confidence is poised to fire the next salvo.

  • Summer Doldrums? Have An Oreo. in Marketing Daily on 08/22/2012

    As companies move into social media and content creation, they go through a process. Picture a six-layer Oreo cookie with a rainbow of cream filling colors that looks like the Gay Pride flag. That's exactly what Kraft trotted out on Oreo's Facebook page last month.

  • Let's Get Real About Privacy And Ads in Marketing Daily on 06/21/2012

    Here's the real truth. Nothing you post changes the terms laid out in Facebook's privacy policy. More importantly, there is nothing you share on Facebook that even a halfway intelligent marketer can't find elsewhere -- and more easily.

  • Why Content Is The New Currency in Marketing Daily on 06/06/2012

    Now it's all about what goes in and on these digital channels; the messaging, the programming -- the content. You're either producing it, curating it, consuming it, or just not getting it.

  • Digital UX & Fries in Marketing Daily on 05/04/2012

    If you're looking for a perfect lesson in how to master CRM in the digital age, drop by the Mid-American Grill along U.S. Highway 69, more than 250 miles from the nearest big city.The lesson here -- which many big brands should pay attention to, especially in digital channels -- is that the basics are still what counts: great product, great service and great user experience.

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