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Robin Simkins

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  • EVP, Client Services AdGooroo
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  • Keep Pace With Online Language As It Evolves in Search & Performance Insider on 12/18/2013

    The Internet is the monolith spurring the evolution (de-evolution?) of English. We see it spread across the digital landscape, and take hold IRL (in real life), as words and symbols (@, #) have taken on entirely new. Even the venerable Oxford Dictionary looks to the Internet for "selfie," its word of the Year 2013. These evolutions represent opportunities in search and social to reach out with a message that is tailored to your consumer. Fail to evolve at the pace of online language, and you'll quickly become a nub.

  • Cyber Monday And Current Search Trends in Search & Performance Insider on 11/20/2013

    Last year, I finally succeeded in emerging from my post-Turkey-Day tryptophan stupor to take advantage of the sales surrounding Thanksgiving, and it was decadent. Seems I wasn't the only one rejoining the holiday shopping kickoff. According to Experian's "Magical Insights for the Savvy Holiday Marketer" report, there was significant year-over-year growth in online traffic on Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday. Some shoppers may go direct from one retailer website to another, but search gets the biggest half of the wishbone: it's the number one form of navigation for transactions and research, with the usual suspects (G, Y and Bing) driving the greatest amount of traffic.

  • Game On: Search Retargeting in Search & Performance Insider on 10/23/2013

    I know a lot about football -- and by a lot, I mean relatively nothing at all. A lifelong fan, I've played in a confidence league for years and, this September, boldly entered a fantasy conference. I can see calls before the refs (oh settle down, I know it's likely going to be, "holding") but my ability to spot the 1st down marker has waned because of technology. More than a decade ago, ESPN and SportsVision debuted that little yellow stripe magically painted on the field (technically, the "Virtual Yellow 1st and Ten" line) and in October 2013, that same line was pink in the occasional game as part of, "A Crucial Catch," the NFL's breast cancer awareness program. Today, as a digital advertiser, there's something to be learned from SportsVision's breakthrough of embedding desired information in content the audience is already consuming.

  • Too Soon? Leveraging Current Events In Digital Marketing in Search & Performance Insider on 09/24/2013

    A friend's friend runs an acting studio focused on the Meisner technique. The morning after James Gandolfini's death, the actor friend shared an article on Facebook where Gandolfini discussed his study of the Meisner technique. Rather than following the style of Sanford Meisner, screaming "Hate this!" at the computer screen while punching it, my pal unfriended that narcissist.

  • How Geotargeting Works With Search in Search & Performance Insider on 08/14/2013

    The scene has played itself out hundreds of times on police procedurals: a giant map of the city is tacked with red pins indicating where the banks have been robbed or the taunting notes left. The detectives stare at the map and realize the bank robber/note leaver will likely next strike smack dab in the middle of the triangle created by the pushpins. It's geographic profiling. It works for detectives and it can work for advertisers.

  • Back-To-School Tips and Trends in Search & Performance Insider on 07/22/2013

    Despite being out of school for longer than I care to admit, there remains that nightmare where I have to take a final in a class I never attended and didn't do the reading for. Marketers who don't begin their back-to-school campaigns soon are going to be feeling that way come September.

  • Wireside Chat : More From Comscore's Eli Goodman in Search & Performance Insider on 06/26/2013

    I recently shared Eli Goodman's perspective on issues facing digital marketers, from tapping look-alike audiences and combining channels to everyone's favorite topic, Google Glass. If you wanted to hear even more from comScore's media evangelist, read below.

  • Wireside Chat: Featuring Comscore's Eli Goodman  in Search & Performance Insider on 06/05/2013

    I had the privilege of virtually sitting down with Eli Goodman, media evangelist at Comscore -- with more than a decade's worth of digital research know-how -- to discuss current trends.

  • Google Enhanced Campaigns: Get Ready!  in Search & Performance Insider on 05/08/2013

    If you are a national marketer with local brick and mortar stores, Google Enhanced is soon to be your new BFF. If you currently run a mobile-only campaign or your tablet experience is less than optimal, May is the month to test new digital strategies, since your AdWords campaigns will be automatically migrated beginning in July. A video on the Google Ads website explains that the idea behind Enhanced, first available for use in February, is to optimize AdWords around customer intent based on location, device and time of day.

  • Creating A Seamless User Experience in Search & Performance Insider on 04/10/2013

    You have thought about the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) from the point the customer hits the landing page through checkout. Now, for a truly seamless ecommerce experience, it's time to consider the UX in your SEM campaigns. You created your site's organization for ease of customer use, so let's extend that organization to your advertising.

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