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Adam Boyden

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  • President Conduit
  • 400 S El Camino Real,
  • Suite 580,
  • San Mateo California
  • 94402 USA

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  • Today's June Cleaver Is Busy On CityVille  in Engage:Moms on 08/31/2011

    From housewives to high-powered professionals, 40-something DigiMoms are spending their dwindling free time on social games. But are marketers making the most of this captive audience?

  • Tips For Mobile Lead Generation  in Performance Insider on 06/30/2011

    It's no secret -- smartphone adoption won't be slowing down anytime soon. And as advances in mobile technology bring these devices closer to the experience provided by the standard computer, there will be an opportunity for marketers to bring consumers richer advertising experiences. Through the power of mobile applications or clever use of the mobile web, marketers will have several channels to try and generate solid leads. But before you launch that next campaign, perhaps take the tips below into account.

  • Grab Them And Keep Them In 3 Short Steps  in Engage:Moms on 12/09/2009

    For businesses looking to engage and retain consumers, considering the strategies and tools that mom-run businesses are using is a wise investment of time and resources.

  • Toolbar Keeps Customers Close At Hand  in Marketing Daily on 02/13/2009

    Traditional tools such as advertising, direct mail and events have slipped in effectiveness, and there is little agreement about how to address today's market realities in a cost-effective way. But what if someone offered you an unobtrusive, relevant, useful marketing tool that helped you retain customers and get them coming back more often?

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  • Newspapers Lose $18 Billion In 3-Year Period by Erik Sass (MediaDailyNews on 05/13/2009)

    Erik: I liked your line, "Many in the newspaper industry have counted on their online operations to salvage the bottom line, but that may be quixotic." You're right, of course. It might be quixotic, but I think the newsrooms' (at least) are onto something. They are changing the very face of journalism. Traditionally, journalists only used topic matter experts to provide context for news story; the "people on the street" were only quoted to illustrate a story. Not anymore. Newsrooms engage viewers like never before, changing the very way they gather and disseminate news. The citizen journalist is on the rise. For example, CNN uses video and photos from people in the middle of a natural disasters. They very actively encourage this participation on air and are using online tools to facilitate that: easy to use upload gadgets for video and photo are available from their websites, toolbars and even mobile devices. Fox News for example has toolbars that enable viewers upload their photos and video for play on air. Perhaps these citizen journalists demonstrate something critical: although it resisted for a long time, now both print and television are now using online communication technologies such as blogs, toolbars, RSS feeds, and desktop alerts to share regular and breaking news. They have learned, like web sites, that you cannot wait for your audience to tune in.

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