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Ted Leonhardt

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Ted Leonhardt is a designer and illustrator, and former global creative director of FITCH Worldwide. He is the publisher of NAIL, a magazine for creative professionals. His specialized approach to negotiation helps creatives build on their strengths and own their value in the marketplace.

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  • Corporations' Creative Groups Are Thriving. Why? in Marketing Daily on 06/14/2017

    Successfully nurturing talent inside giant corporations is challenging yet outstanding work is coming out of places like Amazon and Fidelity.

  • When Clients/Prospects Believe In You  in Marketing Daily on 09/20/2013

    When a client or prospect asks for something, the agency -- whether a design, advertising agency or public relations firm -- has earned their respect. But will asking for something risk the relationship? No -- asking for what one needs to succeed demands the client/prospect's respect, if it is clearly in their best interest. And with their respect comes an opportunity to serve them better.

  • Six Tips For Avoiding The Commodity Nightmare in Marketing Daily on 05/24/2013

    Firms with valuable offers are demonstratively not commodities. They just have to refrain from commoditizing themselves. Here's how.

  • Aligning Conflicting Agendas in Marketing Daily on 03/19/2013

    Dealing with multicultural issues always presents challenges. If the goal is the creation of a global brand, unresolved issues can threaten billions in potential revenue. Here's how one creative team approached resolution.

  • Priorities Beyond Pay in Marketing Daily on 11/26/2012

    All creatives are anxious about measuring up to their own expectations and those of others. Creative managers are just as sensitive to these expectations. With experience, you'll become more confident in those conversations as you become accustomed to their interpersonal dynamics.

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