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Eric Bosco

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  • Digital Advertising Can Increase Political Candidates' Chance to Win in Marketing: Politics on 10/19/2015

    The 2016 presidential race is on and while some of the candidates may seem to be out of touch, their campaign tactics likely won't be. This campaign season we'll be seeing digital campaigns leveraged by political candidates to fine-tune target voter audiences and promote their campaigns. Republicans have realized that their use of big and self-declared data lags behind the Democrats, and both parties are looking to innovate on the digital front. This time it's all about knowing more about consumers than whether they check "D" or "R" on a piece of paper.

  • Top Trends Predicted For Digital Advertising In 2015 in MediaDailyNews on 12/01/2014

    Forrester estimated that U.S. advertisers' spend on digital advertising will overtake TV in 2016. With all this transition away from traditional advertising models, what does this mean for the digital advertising industry in 2015 and beyond?

  • A Smorgasbord Of Segments  in Marketing Daily on 01/07/2013

    With the abundance of segments today, it's impossible for a brand to fully reach all relevant segments. Marketers need to be more focused and measured than ever. The most successful way to do this is with the help of powerful computing tools and discerning audience targeting experts that can help you find the right audiences for your ad campaigns.

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  • 5 Digital Ad Industry Predictions For 2014 by Laurie Sullivan (Online Media Daily on 12/27/2013)

    Well, if you look at viewership data, IP video services like netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, youtube etc. are still growing very fast while viewership growth for cable/broadcast TV has stalled. Now advertisers still consider broadcast TV extremely important and spend high CPMs against it. I'm not suggesting they should stop doing that. However, I am suggesting, they should also look at the Macro trend and realize that the CPM based, broadcast prime time TV show audience is a diminishing commodity over time and start thinking about how to reach their audience through alternate sources of video content that are IP based. More than one advertising agency we work with is in fact thinking in those same terms and is looking for ways to reallocate money from regular TV to online Video sources.

  • Making Data Work by Matthew Greitzer (Programmatic Insider on 04/03/2013)

    Great article Matt. We've found the same exact thing here at ChoiceStream. 3rd party data works great, but you need to have the algorithms and machine learning needed to mine it.

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