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Timur Yarnall

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  • Madison Wisconsin
  • 53703 USA

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  • When It Comes To Data, Trust But Verify in Search & Performance Marketing Daily on 09/23/2020

    Trust is the most important factor when it comes to buying data. Here are eight reasons to never blindly trust anyone offering the best data set on the web.

  • Group M's Move Away From Open Exchanges in Real-Time Daily on 07/02/2014

    GroupM's recent announcement that they plan to pull out of all open exchanges by the end of the year is surprising in some ways and predictable in others. But overall the decision is a positive first move that will require significant follow-up steps to have any impact whatsoever on the growing issue of ad fraud. The decision was driven by a range of factors, Ari Bluman, GroupM's chief digital investment officer for North America, , told the Wall Street Journal, including concerns about the level of ad fraud associated with exchanges. Even though ads purchased through open exchanges are sometimes very cheap, the cost savings are regularly negated by quality issues, he said.

  • Why We Need To Fight Web Ad Fraud Now - Or Lose The Arms Race in Online Media Daily on 08/07/2013

    While there has been much discussion recently about Web advertising fraud, and several solutions have emerged to detect the most basic instances of cheating, it's clear that the online ad industry still dramatically underestimates the problem.

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