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Maxwell Knight

Member since July 2013

  • VP Marketing Science Services Turn
  • New York New York
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  • Millennials Saying Meh: Plumbing The Generational Divide Over Video, Metrics  in Engage:Millennials on 05/10/2017

    A few years ago, brands like IHOP got caught using millennial-friendly lingo in their social media post. Some wag founded a Twitter feed called "Brands Saying Bae" that preserved their efforts for future generations.

  • From Auto To Finance, How To Better Target Millennial Consumers in Engage:Millennials on 01/27/2016

    Tailoring your messaging to serve a specific audience is crucial for a successful marketing campaign. In 2016, marketers remain as focused as ever on millennials, spending four times more to reach them compared to any other demographic. But how to maximize engagement and ensure ad spending is effective? Research shows marketers should consider targeting individual specific groups of millennials to better reach their audience - groups that may be underserved by broad strategies that don't make the best use of available data.

  • How Is Viewability Evolving? We've Seen This Before... in Real-Time Daily on 07/15/2015

    The flurry of industry stories about viewability over the past several months has at least made one thing clear: many advertisers still aren't sure what position to take with regard to viewability.

  • How To Find Your Own Digital Elite in Real-Time Daily on 08/07/2013

    In a hyper-competitive, hyper-connected world where people jump from channel to channel and device to device, finding the right high-value consumers has become the ultimate competitive sport. Savvy marketers can gain the edge by using critical data and insights to find, engage and monetize their brand's digital elite audience. For a brand, there is no one global digital elite. There is no all-encompassing group of users that every brand wants. The audience smart marketers are chasing is more refined; it is their own digital elite. The global digital elite is an amalgamation of the marketing efforts of all these brands, the average of a robust and varied population.

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