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Jeff Freedman

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  • How To Create The Perfect Non-profit Challenge in Marketing: Causes on 09/02/2014

    Over the last month or so, our Facebook feeds have been filled with people pouring ice water on themselves. Just the other day, I even saw a (slightly odd) video of Robert Plant taking the challenge - and challenging Paul McCartney, Elton John and Peter Gabriel to do the same.

  • Life's Success Metric in Marketing: Causes on 08/04/2014

    Last week, while on vacation, my family went out for a day-long boat ride. My 6-year-old son and wife sat in the back of the boat, while my 10-year-old daughter and I sat in the front. As the boat bounced over the waves (and we bounced equally as high on the seats), my daughter had a smile from ear to ear and was screaming with joy and laughter. Eventually, she yelled over to me and asked if I was having as much fun as she was. I definitely was - but not because of the waves (those actually hurt every once in a while). It was simply seeing the joy on her face that had me elated.

  • Social Consumerism Or Capitalism? in Marketing: Causes on 07/07/2014

    Recently, while on a walk with my family, we stopped at a coffee shop for a quick snack. My wife and kids went in, while I stayed outside with the dog. Five minutes later, my daughter came out with a "pupcake." She told me that this tiny cupcake (literally smaller than a munchkin with a little peanut butter on top) was $1.25, and that 50 cents went to the local animal shelter. She was very proud of her purchase - and I was proud of her, too. But, I had a different perspective of the coffee shop.

  • The Moral Of The Story in Marketing: Causes on 06/09/2014

    Several years ago, I was sitting in one of those semi-awkward meetings where a prospective client invited a few competing agencies in to talk about a potential assignment. At the beginning of the meeting, we were each asked to give a quick introduction. When it was my turn to speak, I shared "[We are] often called an advertising agency, but we prefer to think of ourselves as storytellers." At that moment, every other agency leader quickly chimed in to say that they're storytellers, too.

  • Do You Know When To Say No? in MAD on 08/08/2013

    As a small agency owner, saying "no" is one of the most difficult things to do--especially when it comes to new business.

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