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Mike Volpe

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  • Chief Marketing Officer HubSpot
  • Twitter: @mvolpe
  • Marshfield Massachusetts
  • 02041 USA

Mike Volpe is the Chief Marketing Officer at HubSpot, an inbound marketing software company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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  • 4 Inbound Marketing Lessons From This Fall's Season Premieres in Marketing: Entertainment on 10/02/2014

    It used to be that people eagerly awaited TV Guide to see what they should tune into for fall, but now major networks compete for attention with on-demand TV, Netflix binging, and of course, the internet, so cutting through the clutter to attract an audience is harder than ever. With just one chance to make a first impression, fall TV shows are a great case study for how to run your marketing today: you have to think about capturing attention quickly and inspiring action.

  • The New Way To Connect With Boomers: Inbound Marketing in Engage:Boomers on 09/15/2014

    Twenty years ago, brands treated consumers like a captive audience. A dinner interrupted by cold calls, morning radio playing more ads than music, and piles of unsolicited mail finding its way into the mailbox are pretty familiar memories for Boomers. Back then, the rules of marketing were that there were no rules; advertisers have put profit before people since the Madison Avenue days. Until recently, when brands realized that if they wanted to stick around, they'd need to ditch the old playbook.

  • Always Be Measuring: The Role Of The 21st Century Marketer in Marketing Daily on 09/05/2013

    If the motto of the 1980s salesperson was "always be closing," the modern equivalent for marketers is "always be measuring": delivering real business value is challenging, but it's the only way to demonstrate true return on investment and ultimately facilitate more effective interactions with your prospects, customers, and leads, as well as your executive team.

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