• The CEOs We Love To ... Like?
    I once handled PR on the West Coast for the most-hated man in Hollywood. That would be Ted Turner, founder of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and the visionary behind such now-ubiquitous brands as CNN, Cartoon Network, and TCM, among many others. While Ted was revered and respected by most of his employees and partners at the time, he was shunned by Hollywood because he was an outsider who bought the treasured MGM library of film classics but then decided to colorize them. (Suffice to say that he knew what he was doing-but let's not rehash that old controversy!)
  • Your Unhelpful Help Desk Hurts Business; Time To Spice Things Up
    You're only as good as your last success. The customer you're helping right now doesn't care about your track record; they care about resolving their problem. And some of you are messing it up - big time.
  • Getting The Goods On Google
    When I interviewed for my first PR job, I never worried that an employer's Google search would turn up incriminating evidence about me. Not because I led such a spotless life (we'll just leave that subject there)-but because Google was a couple of decades away from being invented. So I have to smile and shake my head (sorry, SMH) at the origin story of BrandYourself, the online reputation management company whose youthful executives have, in just five years, raised more than $5 million in investment funding, hired 80 full-time employees, been honored as one of the top young startups of ...
  • Your Marketing Spend May Require Readjustment
    Video is the buzz for marketers, with the next generation absolutely obsessed with YouTube, Facebook Live, Snapchat and everything else that's visual and in the moment. But most marketers are still running two steps behind, and with virtual reality and augmented reality on the horizon, those "couple of steps behind" are about to become a couple of miles.
  • A Happy Medium
    Teens' entertainment diet is eclectic, particularly compared to other generations when they were teens. Teenage Xers didn't have social media vying for their attention; they just wanted their MTV. As teenagers, Millennials were just being introduced to the concept of DVR and media on-demand, and only the youngest portion of that generation experienced any form of social media during their teen years.
  • What Brands Can Learn From Summer Blockbusters
    With summer around the corner, marketers are deep into their campaigns to promote their seasonal blockbusters. These films are the signature of summer with people turning out in droves to see their next installment of their favorite franchise and remakes of old films during the warm season. With an overwhelming amount of new movies releases, how can studios distinguish themselves when communicating with audiences?
  • It's A Mad, Mad Augmented Virtual World
    How artificially intelligent are you? Sorry, let me put that another way: How smart are you about artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR), the latest tech trends in entertainment? I recently had my knowledge (not to mention my comfort level) put to the test for a new business proposal and quickly realized that I was in a new reality of my own.
  • WWE WrestleMania Knows Marketing & Media, Show & Sell

    WrestleMania 33 presented by Snickers aired Sunday, April 2, in Orlando’s Citrus Bowl (aka Camping World Stadium). 

    Most stars in the WWE universe were there. That includes Goldberg, Roman Reigns, Brock Lesner, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Sasha Banks, Nikki Bella, Alexa Bliss, John Cena and the anticipated return of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who has transitioned from WWE star to the highest-paid star in Hollywood.

    It also means activation from such marketing partners as Snickers, DiGiorno, Cricket Wireless, 5-Hour Energy, Mattel, Foot Locker and Puma.

    WWE said sponsorship revenue has increased four ...

  • Netflix's 100 Millionth Customer Will Be Acquired By Data As Well As Content
    We've swiftly entered an era where consumers are always-on and perpetually streaming content. That trend created new opportunities for marketers to interact with their target audiences in more interesting and personalized ways, leading to deeper insight and greater returns.
  • Amazon, NFL Partner To Stream Thursday Night Games; Adios, Twitter
    Tim Cook once opined "The Future of TV is Apps" and those words were proudly displayed on a screen behind him when he introduced the updated Apple TV back in 2015. Just a week after the fourth-generation Apple TV went on sale, Apple commanded 31% of the streaming market, well ahead of Amazon and Roku, which at that time were the leaders. Two years on, we haven't seen much new innovation from Apple TV but we have certainly seen a lot of content development, innovation and marketing and licensing leadership from Amazon.
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