Beyond Mannequins And Merchandise
    With a variety of technology to choose from, retailers have more vehicles than ever to help convey the brand story in an entertaining way. Brick-and-mortar experiences offer shoppers a portal to step into the brand's world in a way that online simply cannot replicate. For that reason, even online-only retailers such as Piperlime, eBay and Amazon, have dipped their toes into the realm of brick-and-mortar.
    The Art Of The Sell (Part 2): Winding Up For The Pitch
    Hey, all you Shonda Rhimeses and Jerry Bruckheimers in the making: I can now answer the burning questions at the end of my last column on NATPE PitchCon: Did I attend PitchCon and learn the secrets of the perfect pitch? Yes! Did I score a major TV deal and forget the little people who got me there? Keep reading.
    What's A WWDC?
    Last week a lot of marketing entertainment folks were preoccupied with the annual madness of E3 with it's massive crowds, booth babes and enough flashing lights to give anyone a seizure. While there is certainly business to be done at E3, if you can cut your way through the throngs of gamers, I would say there is as much or more business for entertainment brands at Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference -- WWDC.
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