Brand Aid: Turning A Personality Into A Memorable Brand
    It's awards season-which means we're seeing a lot of Brand Clooney, Brand Jolie-Pitt, and Brand Gaga strolling red carpets and answering the timeless question, "Who are you wearing?" Of course, not every celebrity can be described as a brand (Brand Streep? Not so much), but the combination of instant recognition, clearly defined assets, and ownership of one's own image is a powerful tool in a bottom-line-driven industry.
    Engagement And 'The Most Delicious National Tragedy'
    If you were one of the 110 million people parked in front of the TV Sunday night to watch the New England Patriots play against the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI, then you have a lot to discuss with your coworkers on Monday. The post-Super Bowl buzz is usually 10% game plays and 90% commercials. Why are they so memorable? Why so noteworthy and why always the center of attention the day after the big game?
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