Why Voice Will Make Your Brand Heard
    As new platforms go, voice is making itself heard. Loudly. Voice-enabled units are projected to be in 45 million homes by end of 2017. So the question for brands now, is: if you're not speaking for your brand, who is?
    The Princess And The Pee: Caesars, Zappos Clean Up On The Concert Porta-Potty Experience
    The last rock concert I attended as a fan was probably Rod Stewart at the Orange County Fairgrounds in the early '80s. I've seen a lot of amazing artists in my time-including Elvis, the original Beach Boys, and KISS-but eventually the thrill of seeing the performers live got drowned out by the negatives: the cost of the tickets, the crowds (who always seemed to be drunk or high), and worst of all, the disgusting outdoor toilets. Who knew that 30 years later, the online retail geniuses at Zappos would manage to turn the infamous porta-potty into an experience that's truly …
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