Totaling Up The Value of PR
    Over the years, I've been asked by numerous entertainment clients to provide "advertising value equivalencies" (AVEs) for my agency's PR results. AVEs are what your editorial coverage would have cost if it were advertising space or time-basically, they're a way to put a rough (very rough) dollar figure on the value of PR, which can sometimes seem intangible to clients used to looking exclusively at the bottom line.
    Real-Time Marketing And The Power Of A Selfie
    Real-time marketing, also known as RTM, has taken the main stage in the last few months. Many marketers are very starry-eyed over this phenomenon. And for smart entertainment marketers it's working pretty well, la big real-time events such as the Emmys, Academy Awards and even the recent Winter Olympics, to some degree. As always, the trick for marketers is how to do it well and right.
    Influencers Help Usher In Sponsored Social
    Did you miss the galaxy of stars huddled for the selfie at the Oscars? Did you notice the device? While the selfie might not have been dreamed up by Samsung, they are a brand that understands that the world is social.
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