• Mobile In The Moment
    There's a good chance you're reading this on your phone. Like many people, I have become somewhat addicted to my smartphone, multi-tasking my way through the day with Siri, while I watch television, listen to the radio, use my laptop or tablet, commute, shop, you name it. I even use its other functions while I chat on the phone! The latest data indicate I am not alone.
  • Go Big, Go Cross-Screen Or Go Home
    On any given Monday, there are two types of executives in Hollywood; Type B has just seen the take from an opening weekend, and it's way below expectations. Type B would like to hide under the desk. Type A can't wait to walk the halls, get a coffee and maybe exchange some fist bumps, because Type A's movie has absolutely nailed its opening weekend.
  • SCORE-ing Great Advice
    Executive volunteers help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.
  • A Tale Of Two TV Networks
    I got to thinking about this opening line from the class novel A Tale of Two Cities as I was looking at the disparity of live broadcast coverage of the London Olympic Games. Chances are pretty good that you are one of over 32 million Americans who has tuned into the Sumer Olympics on NBC. Chances are also pretty good that you may have been one of the millions of NBC viewers using #NBCFAIL because of a severe time delay of coverage here in the U.S.
  • When Social Media Makes It Harder To Achieve Celeb Super-athlete Status
    Kobe Bryant recently sparked a debate when he intimated that the current U.S. senior men's basketball team could have beaten the famed Dream Team of 1992. For sports fans and talking heads, it's the best of topics: inexhaustible angles and no tangible way to settle the argument.