• 'Tintin' And The Death Of Motion-capture Animation
    Hollywood has done a dynamite job p!ssing all over my beloved childhood heroes the past couple years. If Frank Miller's charmless, inept and gratuitously violent "Sin City"-ification of Will Eisner's seminal Sunday comic series "The Spirit" wasn't bad enough, AMC's despicable betrayal of Patrick McGoohan's presciently paranoid spy series "The Prisoner" actually left me feeling furious that such a precious and beloved cult property could have been so carelessly handed over to hacks who didn't even grasp the central point and message of its creators.
  • New Year, New Realities: Selling Recovery TV
    As the New Year approaches, many of us are thinking about how to lead cleaner, healthier lives. Some of us may even take that thought right onto reality television.
  • Give The People What They Want
    The Kinks' song, "Give The People What They Want," captures consumers' sentiments so well: "The more they get, the more they need." Movie studio advertisers should take that line to heart - today's online consumers have become habituated to "liking" and "sharing." Tapping into the sharing graph of consumers can provide incredibly valuable audience targeting and scale.
  • The Entertaining 'Marketing: Entertainment' Column, Pt. 1
    Why a column on ENTERTAINMENT marketing? Because it has key differences from general marketing. If you're marketing entertainment, the top 10 list below will instantly embolden your mindset. And if you're NOT marketing for entertainment, it may STILL inspire you, and perhaps give you a boost toward fresh marketing in your category.