Your Unhelpful Help Desk Hurts Business; Time To Spice Things Up
    You're only as good as your last success. The customer you're helping right now doesn't care about your track record; they care about resolving their problem. And some of you are messing it up - big time.
    Getting The Goods On Google
    When I interviewed for my first PR job, I never worried that an employer's Google search would turn up incriminating evidence about me. Not because I led such a spotless life (we'll just leave that subject there)-but because Google was a couple of decades away from being invented. So I have to smile and shake my head (sorry, SMH) at the origin story of BrandYourself, the online reputation management company whose youthful executives have, in just five years, raised more than $5 million in investment funding, hired 80 full-time employees, been honored as one of the top young startups of …
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