The GIF Trend Is So Hot Right Now
    When it comes to marketing trends, you're either right there with them as they happen, or you're left trying to sort out ways to coast a bit on their fumes. Right now, there's a trend that's just gearing up and seems to have staying power: GIFs. And it's a trend that's so hot right now even Hansel would stop and take note.
    The CEOs We Love To ... Like?
    I once handled PR on the West Coast for the most-hated man in Hollywood. That would be Ted Turner, founder of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and the visionary behind such now-ubiquitous brands as CNN, Cartoon Network, and TCM, among many others. While Ted was revered and respected by most of his employees and partners at the time, he was shunned by Hollywood because he was an outsider who bought the treasured MGM library of film classics but then decided to colorize them. (Suffice to say that he knew what he was doing-but let's not rehash that old controversy!)
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