Harnessing Star Power: Insider Tips From A Casting Director
    The first time we met was at the 50th Anniversary celebration of "Gone with the Wind" in Atlanta. I was in charge of the event in my role as VP for Turner Broadcasting. He was escorting not one but two of the stars of the film-Evelyn Keyes on one arm and Ann Rutherford on the other. That was 24 years ago, and to this day, he's still the best in the business when it comes to connecting talent and celebrities with projects and events.
    Stuck On You
    Everyone seems to love stickers of some type, from bumper stickers, "Baby on board," "Wi-Fi here," to dinosaur stickers stuck all over kids room walls, car seats and windows. The fun and ubiquity of sharing stickers is something that transfers well from the physical to the digital world, especially in social sharing. Stickers can provide engaging and fun value-added content between brands and consumers that will, for lack of a better word, stick.
    Persona-Based Social Ads For The 'Second Screen'
    Data shows that half of the time we're using our tablets and smartphones, we're also in front of the TV. This means that while we've got one eye on the tube, the other is often trained on the "second screen" as we interact with other viewers on Twitter and Facebook, share our opinions and get real-time updates as TV shows are happening.
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