It's The Great Kahuna-Charlie Brown!
    Everything I know I learned from Peanuts.
    Up Against The Wall
    Usually I use the quote from a movie or one of my favorite songs to describe an insight about some marketing and entertainment topic. But today I'm using the line "Up Against The Wall" to describe being on deadline for this article - I'm literally up against the wall of my deadline, after spending the entire day in back-to-back meetings, and phone calls. Yikes! That said, I do have a bit of a rant to discuss. Cinema advertising used to be tolerable but in the past two years it's gotten out of control. And my back is against the wall …
    Rise Of The Super Fan
    "Once Upon a Time." "Homeland." "Boardwalk Empire." Sunday is officially the "Night of the Living Super Fan." You know, the truly fanatical viewership that does more than just watch the show, they instantly discuss, debate, and analyze each and every scene and subplot. But there's no show on TV right now that satisfies a super fan like "The Walking Dead."
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