• Engaging The Multi-tasker: 3 Ways People Consume Entertainment
    Recently, I sat down with executives from CNN, Unicorn Media, and Acta Wireless to discuss mobile video as a marketing channel. While we generally agreed that mobile video advertising has a promising future -- and a not-too-distant future, at that -- we had a lively discussion around the various benefits of, and obstacles to, success. Louis Gump, VP of Mobile for CNN, brought up some interesting points about how consumers are using mobile in conjunction with their TV viewing. His comments made me think about the many experiences consumers can have involving TV and mobile devices, particularly with respect to ...
  • 5 Ways To Use Twitter Data To Determine A Hit (Or Miss)
    Let's face it, even with all of the gnashing of teeth regarding changing viewing habits and outdated methodologies, TV ratings still provide the benchmark for measuring a success or failure in terms of viewership and demographics, both of which drive the almighty advertising dollar.
  • Selling History, Humor And Cartoons
    How do you market a book that combines serious history, irreverent humor, and cartoons? That was the challenge facing author-cartoonist Stan Mack (creator of the legendary "Village Voice" comic strip "Stan Mack's Real Life Funnies" and the "Adweek" strip "Out-takes") and his publisher, NBM, for Stan's new book, "Taxes, The Tea Party and Those Revolting Rebels," which hit bookstores this fall. I talked to my friend Stan about how he and NBM have been tackling the job.
  • Remote I Want Control -- And Multi-Screen World
    The Beastie Boys were ahead of their time with their song "Remote Control," talking about the dissonance coming from a multitude of living room devices -- if they only knew how that dissonance would grow with multiple connected entertainment devices. If only our daily lives were so simple as the remote from the cable box and the Xbox.
  • Art Imitates Life On TV
    The new look of the American family.