A Word On Words: Think Before You Write!
    At the beginning of my career in PR, I had two bosses whose advice about writing really stuck in my head.
    The Newfronts And Evolving Your Strategy
    Did you attend the New Fronts in NYC this week? Perhaps you have been reading the stream of news stories coming out of each New Front event. One thing is certain, great digital video content creators have really doubled down and learned some valuable lessons in the past 18 months. One lesson digital properties have learned well: They have to produce TV network quality content to have a fighting chance to compete for the big TV ad bucks.
    Making The Most Of Mobile Apps
    Here's a sobering thought for anyone in the entertainment industry. In a recent survey conducted by Weve, 46% of all 18-34 year olds considered their mobile device to be their primary screen. Just 27% said that TV was actually their screen of choice. And if you think that trend is going to do anything other than accelerate in the coming years, you obviously don't have much exposure to the younger end of that demographic.
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