Driving Licenses: 5 Marketing Ploys That Really Work At The Licensing Show
    It was a spur-of-the-moment decision. Earlier this week, my business partner, Jim DeNuccio, and I decided to take a quick trip to Las Vegas to meet with a couple of existing and prospective clients at the Licensing Expo.
    Family Vacation, Millennial Style
    Summer travel season is upon us, and I just returned from a few days in Yosemite with family, nieces, a nephew and good friends. Aside from amazing hikes in Yosemite and great times with family and friends, the trip was a somewhat eye-opening as I watched kids interact with technology and be disconnected from their devices all at once.
    Harnessing Brand Advocates In 3 Steps
    Whether it's a concert, a festival or a new theatrical release, it's tied to a brand, and brands need brand advocates in today's social world. Ninety-two percent of people trust brand advocates, according to this Nielsen report. Fostering and leveraging a community of brand advocates is one of the most powerful actions an entertainment company can take.
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