• Mobile: The New Driver Of Reach To The Mass Market
    It wasn't so long ago that we relied on TV to reach the mass market. Anyone who advertised during the Super Bowl - or "The Carol Burnett Show" for that matter - could reach a huge percentage of American households. A generation ago, advertising on ABC, NBC or CBS would get you into the majority of American homes, and command the attention advertisers today can only dream about. Back then, multi-tasking meant eating popcorn and watching "The Ed Sullivan Show" at the same time. Advertisers didn't have the battle for attention they have now.
  • Sports Arenas Are Big Business
    For many brands sports fans are the ultimate target. Dollars constantly feed into sponsorships, media spots and social programs timed to players and teams. However, one of the most cost-effective solutions might be right above their audiences. Literally.
  • Stars In Our Eyes: The SAG Awards Is The Standout Performer This Season
    Some viewers and even industryites out there might hit awards show burn-out this time of year, but not me. I love everything from the strategic nominee campaigns to the red carpet fashion, and I think Billy Crystal's Oscar monologues are among the best TV moments in the history of the medium.
  • Storming The Winter Palace
    This week, Las Vegas is being stormed by legions from Madison Ave., Silicon Valley and Hollywood, descending on the annual CES melee. I decided to skip the madness this year; however, I have been watching the tweets and various updates from afar.