• Extending The Social Channel During Live Events
    Live events, what a great way to keep your brand front and center with your key audiences. Sponsorship dollars are allocated, creative executed, even your experiential team is on deck, but social still seems to be on the back burner for these events.
  • It's Award Season
    This season's must-watch film, "Argo," tells the story of a group of content creators who took the media and utilized content to deliver a message that helped change the lives of those who some say would have died without their ability to make the "media the message." The film and its characters, for many, delivered an "inside" look as to how media messages are delivered and digested by the general public in modern culture.
  • Recovery, Hope, And Hollywood
    Entertainment marketers love to associate their brands with nonprofit causes: The brand's financial support benefits the cause, and standing behind a worthy cause reflects well on the brand. There's no shortage of causes to choose from, but one that really hits home with many in the Hollywood community is Writers In Treatment.
  • Hashtag - The Halftime Belle Of The Ball
    A few years ago, only geeks, programmers and few others knew what "#" was called. We listened to "Jane," the voice of our voicemail and automated phone systems, call it "the pound sign." If you were coding in HTML, you may have used the # as a page tag or named page anchor. But now, the little # or "hashtag" has become a part of our vocabulary and is ubiquitous.