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John Jarmul

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  • Director of Marketing Kaneka Nutrients
  • Pasadena Texas
  • 77507 USA

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  • The Merits Of Being 'Season Savvy' in Marketing: Health on 05/12/2014

    As folk singer Roger McGuire once opined, every season "has a purpose under heaven." The same is true in the marketing world. The changing seasons offer an excellent window of opportunity for savvy healthcare marketers to further align their loyalties - and prospect with -their existing and target customer base

  • Getting Above The Noise In 'Month Of' Marketing Promotions in Marketing: Health on 03/12/2014

    We've become a culture in which our calendars are dotted with months commemorating everything from alcohol awareness (April) to ultraviolet awareness (May). In those two months alone, you can find as many as 50 public information themes related to health.

  • Build Long Term, Value-Based Relationships With Customers, Prospects in Marketing: Health on 01/22/2014

    When it comes to effective marketing within the healthcare sector, building strong relationships with customers is absolutely job #1.

  • Instilling Consumer Confidence In Dietary Supplement Marketing in Marketing: Health on 11/12/2013

    Think back to five years ago. Would the words "probiotics" or kale have been at the tip of your tongue? Chances are, the answer is no. But both offer good illustrations of how our dietary-focused culture is increasingly adopting new types of specialty nutritional foods and supplements for their perceived health benefits. The typical consumer is no longer confined to "granola eaters" - and dietary supplements are now clearly mainstream ... and big business.

  • Reaching Consumer Targets With Effective Marketing Strategies in Marketing: Health on 08/23/2013

    For those of us who have built careers in the healthcare field and driven successful consumer-facing marketing campaigns for the bio-tech, pharma, or nutraceutical industries, we know that this is a dynamic and fast-evolving business category. There are multiple reasons why healthcare marketing also demands, in and of itself, extraordinary attention to detail when it comes to external communications.

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