The Merits Of Being 'Season Savvy'

As folk singer Roger McGuire once opined, every season “has a purpose under heaven.” The same is true in the marketing world. The changing seasons offer an excellent window of opportunity for savvy healthcare marketers to further align their loyalties – and prospect with –their existing and target customer base. While most non-pharmaceutical healthcare products offer year-round appeal and have perennial shelf usage, consumers’ attitudes toward their personal health regime can and does fluctuate with the seasons. Research has even show that, for some people, emotional well-being can be directly impacted by the variation in light exposure during different seasons, so it’s not a stretch to believe that our habits and decisions when it comes to product consumption can also ebb and flow accordingly. 

For example, we know that the advent of the New Year is a time when people typically rethink their personal lifestyle choices – often opting to make radical efforts to eat better, sleep more, reduce alcohol use, and exercise. While these behaviors are often ill-fated and short-lived, the onset of January is, of course, a great time for healthcare marketers to partner with and support consumers in this endeavor. Other seasonal “spotlights” may prompt similar shifts in consumer behavior. Valentine’s Day may spur some, in an effort to look and feel better for their special loved one, to partake in a few more visits to the gym. The spring season that follows is a time for re-growth and rejuvenation – and the proverbial “cleaning” that takes place in homes across America can, in kind, transcend to taking a renewed view toward keeping our bodies in optimal form. 



And, now, during May, as we see summer time creeping upon us, most consumers have an eye toward a healthier diet and more frequent treadmill activity – with the aim of maintaining a higher energy level for outdoor recreation. 

So, how can healthcare marketers stay in touch, and in tune, as the calendar shifts, and present viable and relatable opportunities to drive product sales without seeming overly-opportunistic? 

By simply being an informative partner to the customer base they’re courting. The public relates more to brands that understand and help them to celebrate their life stages and aspirational needs (to keep up with the kids, hit the vacation trail, and kick-start their body chemistry into higher gear in the warmer months). 

Following are tried and true techniques to help you “take the seasonal ride” with your customer prospects, in a way that extends friendship over salesmanship:

  • Tailor your brand website with seasonal flavor. Small, easy additions might include an information sidebar, tip sheet, link to a topical lifestyle article, or seasonal color accents and imagery. 
  • Tap key social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) to deliver non-sales oriented, seasonal consumer messaging and story-sharing that will serve to entertain and engage. Topics might include: “10 Tips for Getting in Pool-Ready Shape,” or “Simple Ways to Retune Your Heart Health This Summer,” or “Nutritional Supplements that Can Give You the Added Energy Boost You Need for an Active Month.” If done properly, your product message will be inherent and give consumer readers highly shareable content to enhance their seasonal experience. 
  • Design in-store marketing promotions that help consumers get into the mood of the new season. For summertime, it might be an end cap campaign that bundles your product with a booklet on simple ways to entertain the kids, or a “how to” for novice grillers, or a primer for grocery shoppers looking to pair the best summer fruits, vegetables and other foods when entertaining. The important element is to look for compatible news or information that relates to or enhances the brand experience you are looking to share and impart to your target. 
  • Lastly, consider creating a weekly “summer only” e-newsletter packed with tips, stories, and tidbits for families – incorporating simple, straightforward brand story threads that make for easy reading. 

 Often times, it only take a small shift in brand mindset to make a huge shift in your consumer’s mindset – and remind them that you’re in-sync and continually working to earn their loyalty and patronage.

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