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Larry Shender

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Larry Shender is global director of video at cloud marketing platform Turn.

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  • How Programmatic Can Amplify Your TV Buys in Audience Buying Insider on 05/15/2015

    Programmatic buying can be used to extend TV audiences to improve a cross-channel campaign. These audiences can be targeted in a number of different ways: by show, for example, target audiences of "Big Bang Theory"; by category, for example, target audiences of televised sports; by TV events, for example, target the Super Bowl audience; by daypart, for example, target day-time audiences; by custom segments that combine any of the above with first- or third-party data; and by viewership, for example, target light viewers of any of the above.

  • How Programmatic Can Amplify Your TV Buys in Programmatic Insider on 07/14/2014

    Programmatic buying has some seriously untapped creative potential, and the possibilities of targeting TV audiences online provide a great illustration of that potential.

  • The TV Ad Revolution Won't Be 'Televised' in TV Board on 10/16/2013

    Even in the midst of a golden era for TV programming -- a time when Walter White, Don Draper and Daenerys Targaryen make Sunday night lineups nationwide social-media-watercooler events -- television's traditional format is under heavy fire. Consumers have more ways than ever to access programming, with Google's Chromecast just the latest in a long line of Trojan horses bringing that content to their televisions.

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