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  • Sports Sponsorships: Trying To Predict The Ups And Downs  in Marketing: Sports on 09/18/2012

    Of all the places for a marketer to be in sports these days, perhaps the most intriguing just might be the NBA. It might be in the midst of its next great era. (The last two being the Magic-Bird and Jordan eras.)

  • For Brand Marketers, Content Is The Beef  in Marketing: Sports on 05/15/2012

    I spent much of the past week on one of my many pilgrimages to New York City - the media capital of the world. From the YouTube Brandcast event that highlighted the amazing effort Google is making to advance video content on the web, to the much more modest dinner roundtable event that my company hosted in the Village to discuss the dynamic between content context and audience targeting, I left the Big Apple more excited than ever to be a content publisher - that is, to be in the content-creation and audience-engagement business.

  • Digital Sponsorship - Follow The Habits Of A 12 Year Old in Marketing: Sports on 01/17/2012

    I heard a great story over the holiday break from a colleague about his 12-year-old son's consumption of digital media. The short version of the story is that my friend's son spends most of his time on sports and entertainment content sites that aren't made up of the usual suspect of sites delivered by familiar media companies. He is drawn to web properties that emphasize the fun, entertaining and visually intensive (particularly video) experiences to which a pre-teen is most drawn.

  • 2012 Trends: Sports Sponsorship Meets Digital Media And Entertainment  in Marketing: Sports on 12/20/2011

    This may be jumping the gun a bit - typically these annual prediction pieces come out in that slow week between Christmas and New Years - but I figure it's good to get these out now so you can do more important things that week (like eat a lot of unhealthy food!).

  • Brand To Brand: How To React In Challenging Situations in Marketing: Sports on 11/15/2011

    The past week has not been a stellar one for the wide world of sports. As the story has unfolded out of Penn State University, maybe we're witnessing the worst example of what "win at all costs" means in college athletics. Certainly, the horrific news surrounding the much-vaunted PSU football program has tainted what had been built up over many decades as one of the nation's top-tier college football brands.

  • Consumer Digital Video: More Than A Web Buzz Word For Sports Sponsors in Marketing: Sports on 10/18/2011

    Buzzwords certainly make the Internet go 'round. From general categories like mobile and social, to the more recent consumer digital media phenomena like social games and daily deals, the Web churns out a constant stream of user experiences that enable new (and old) companies to connect with audiences in a meaningful way. There is one Internet buzzword, however, that has its roots firmly entrenched in old media, yet continues to grow wildly across all elements of the consumer Web: Video.

  • Wild Ride In College Sports Now = Long-Term Good News For Brands  in Marketing: Sports on 09/20/2011

    No sports business category is changing faster (some might say it's in turmoil) than college sports -- specifically at the Division I-A level. Just this weekend, Pittsburgh and Syracuse formally bolted from the Big East to join the ACC. And mighty programs like the University of Miami and the University of Oregon are under investigation for dealing with a now-imprisoned booster and a questionable recruiting service, respectively. Yikes! Why would any sane marketer associate their brand with college sports right now? Well, here are a few reasons to consider:

  • New Partnership Paradigms: The Wave Of The Digital Future  in Marketing: Sports on 08/16/2011

    The story of how the Pac-12 (boy, that's still hard for me, a long time Pac-10 fan, to say) negotiated their recent television media rights deal provides good insight into how traditional partnership models can melt away in changing times.

  • Football Season 2011: Social Media Accentuates The Experience  in Marketing: Sports on 07/19/2011

    I don't want to be the guy jumping the gun here -- but with the end of the NFL lockout in sight (final terms of the deal may be in place by the time this post runs), it's definitely time to start shifting one's attention to football season.

  • Women Remain An Untapped Market in Marketing: Sports on 06/21/2011

    What is missing is more focus on this impressionable young female audience by the male dominated NFL, MLB and NBA to turn these little girls into big time sports fans -- and at the same time figure out how to make today's women and moms into bigger fans as well. Ultimately, there's a whole new audience for the marketers and media outlets of these sports to reach with big time financial upside to be had. Here's how to go about it.

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