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Michael Baer

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Michael Baer is a customer-focused, end-to-end marketing consultant and fractional Chief Marketing Officer at TechCXO. Michael leverages his diverse cross-functional, digital-first experience to help companies drive greater value from their marketing. Michael's focus is on marketing leadership, transformation, and growth within healthcare/life sciences and B2B marketing. He is most frequently called upon by investors, Boards and senior management teams in these industries to assist companies in developing and activating comprehensive brand and marketing strategies and help align their strategies, functions, technologies, and organizations in order to generate growth.

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  • Data-Rich, But Insight-Poor by Michael Baer (Marketing Insider on 03/01/2023)

    Haha - I bet you do! And thanks for the kinds words!

  • Stop Making Content Only YOU Care About by Michael Baer (Marketing Insider on 07/06/2022)

    Thanks, Dane - entirely true. Being consumer-centric ought to be the focus and drive of nearly all businesses and media/content programming.

  • The Purpose Of Purpose by Michael Baer (Marketing Insider on 04/04/2022)

    Agreed, Marcelo. Purpose only helps if it's authentic and real - and also connected to your business endeavor. But when it's both genuine, integrated, and embraced, it's a real differentiator. Thanks for input.kind regards,mb

  • The Risks Of Being Too Data-Driven by Michael Baer (Marketing Insider on 12/20/2021)

    Thanks, John. And totally agree - combining data from different sources can be very challenging for the reasons you say, plus the difficulty often faced just getting the different sources and streams to even communicate with each other. The simple act of collecting your own first-party data presents lots of challenges... 

  • Affluent Outlook: Finding Clouds In A Silver Lining by Michael Baer (Marketing Insider on 02/24/2020)

    Thanks, Ron. This is the exact point I made about Boomers and Seniors - their higher positivity is aligned with/correlates with their higher net worth (and our data corroborates that HNW households are also more positive). We have focused our research (for over 40 years) on the top 20% HH's in America - which aligns with a HHI $125k+. Naturally, this is more "mass affluent" than a "truly affluent" group, as you say. However the sample size is large enough for us to provide relevant brands and marketers statistical cuts of HNW and beyond.

  • How Authentic Influence Is Earned by Michael Baer (Marketing Insider on 03/05/2019)

    Ford-Not sure if you read the article but it IS specifically about influence - and what we found drives a consumer to actually be influential across their networks. Influence isn't just a paid marketing vehicle leveraging those who have large social followings - real influence happens when regular consumers are looking for advice. And they end up seeking advice and recommendations from the folks that have earned their influence by becoming experts, having a good deal of in-market experience and spending more in the category. The point is that brands would be well served to understand these people because they are the ones who, once engaged, can legitimately influence the shopping behaviors of their network.

  • The Affluent Outlook 2018: Affluents In The Age Of Polarity by Michael Baer (Marketing Insider on 02/12/2018)

    What was a bit surprising is the dichotomy between people's enthusiasm to how 2017 treated them personally and how they viewed it's affect on the country at large. And that, while the economic news has been a bit of a salve to some, it's moved the needle less than we might have imagined.  

  • Happy 'View' Year by Michael Baer (Marketing Daily on 01/04/2017)

    Thanks, Nigel. I agree with you somewhat - except for the unmitigated growth of display ad spending budgets and the unabated rise of programmatic media buying, which generally are placed in basic "display" modes. In any event, I agree that better consumer-based strategy (planning), better creativity across the mix, and smart use of technology and analytics all help deliver us from this red herring of viewability.

  • Is Annoyance A Media Strategy? by Michael Baer (Marketing Daily on 11/21/2016)

    Thanks, PJ. I'll check out your blog piece.

  • Is Annoyance A Media Strategy? by Michael Baer (Marketing Daily on 11/21/2016)

    Agreed, Ed. There's no single person at fault. And, at the end of the day, it is the Client's money. I also agree that media dis-integration plays a role - when media and creative are sitting in separate silos it can be hard to find common ground.

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