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Alex White

Member since April 2015

Alex White brings more than 17 years’ experience in the digital advertising space to the role of Vice President of Product Marketing at Sharethrough. Alex comes to Sharethrough from SIzmek, where he established and led Product Strategy and Product Marketing. Prior to that, Alex was GM of Data and Trading, joining Sizmek through the acquisition of Peer39, where he was Vice President of Product and Account Management. In Alex’s time with Yahoo!, he led technology partnerships in the advertising products group and was responsible for advocating and building the ecosystem surrounding Yahoo!’s ad technology products. Alex arrived at Yahoo! As part of their acquisition of The Right Media Exchange, where he lead the data strategy on The Right Media Exchange, driving the vision and product development of their audience sharing product. Alex has held senior roles in sales, business development, account management, product development, product marketing, creative services, and operations, starting his career at DoubleClick. Alex’s innate ability to identify trends, connect the dots and drive innovation, are derived from a deep understanding of ad technologies, the capabilities of the ecosystem’s participants and a market-oriented opportunities perspective, making him an influential force in the ad technology space.

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  • For Brand Campaigns, Mobile Must Be More Than A Delivery Mechanism in Mobile Marketing Daily on 04/19/2016

    If mobile adoption is no longer an issue, then the lingering concern is that many advertisers view mobile simply as another online delivery mechanism, rather than a distinct channel that requires a unique strategy and creative planning. "Going mobile" isn't about serving ads on mobile devices. It's about tapping into that personal connection to spark interaction and unlock an emotional response from consumers. That requires leveraging rich media to create ad units that the consumer can touch and interact with.

  • Mobile Marketing Complexity Shouldn't Scare Brands Away in Mobile Insider on 05/14/2015

    No one would dare argue against the fact that mobile is the future -- a piece that every brand knows they need to explore if they want to stay in front of their audience. Although many brands are now adopting simple strategies that only scratch the surface of what's possible on the mobile channel, it's highly unlikely that complexity is going anywhere. If anything, the mobile ecosystem could fragment further.

  • What's The Value Of Data When Everyone Wants It?  in Metrics Insider on 04/01/2014

    Today's marketing industry relies more on data than ever before, which has led to a burgeoning data market. While the lines of who actually owns the data are blurred, it's crystal clear that everybody wants the data in order to monetize it. This mentality has led to the commoditization of data; there is no longer any value in simply owning or accessing the data itself. Value comes from what can be done in terms of analysis and application. So while everyone wants the data, the amount of value each party can deliver differs dramatically. It doesn't really matter who has the data unless they can apply intelligence to the data, and that ability varies greatly across the ecosystem.

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