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Mike Peralta

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  • CEO AudienceScience
  • New York New York
  • 10010 USA

Mike is responsible for the successful execution of our strategic initiatives and company vision at AudienceScience. He has over 20 years of management and technology experience with 15 years in the adtech and digital advertising space across the US, European and Asian markets. During his tenure directing’s Western European business, Revolution Magazine named Mike among its most influential industry leaders. His creativity, determination and success at played a key role in the company’s merger with AOL. Mike’s continued work with AOL’s Platform A and his executive experience at MediaMath, Magnetic and Tumri have prepared him to steer the AudienceScience team to success. Mike holds a degree in environmental engineering and management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He studied at the graduate level in management and public policy at New York University. As assistant dean of University of Virginia’s Semester at Sea, he served on two voyages. Mike and his wife have four children including twin daughters.

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  • Advertising's Transparency Struggles Come From A Misguided Model in MAD on 02/11/2016

    We're seeing struggle across the board, as both agencies and technology companies adapt to an era where brands demand more accountability. Advertising has evolved to the point where brands are dependent on technology to deliver their digital campaigns, yet technology's benefits often stand in direct contrast to the ways agencies have historically transacted media.

  • Is The Ad-Tech Middleman Finally Developing A Conscience? in Real-Time Daily on 12/03/2015

    It's easy to see how growth and fraud go hand-in-hand. Programmatic is a great tool for data-oriented marketers looking to reach precise audiences across the Web. And because there's investment flooding in, middlemen have been eager to profit from an emerging market. But as marketers and publishers continue to adopt and understand programmatic, we may finally be at the point where the middle of the market is forced to develop a conscience.

  • How The Middle Layers Of Ad Tech Keep Fraud Alive  in Programmatic Insider on 02/02/2015

    When most people sit behind the wheel of a car, they only care that the car will get them to their desired destination. Few drivers think about the science behind the internal combustion engine and the process of turning gasoline into energy to move the tires. For years, the advertising buying model worked in a similar fashion. Brands sat down with their agencies and cared only about reaching their target and growing sales. They saw the ads on TV and in print, and that was satisfactory. Today, brands are forced to acknowledge that fraud has become a daily concern -- especially in online media.

  • Big Data: Everyone's Talking, But No One's Acting in Metrics Insider on 08/19/2014

    Every brand, agency and vendor involved in marketing is talking about data, but the uncomfortable truth is that a lot of people are bragging to save face. Like high school hallway gossip, everyone is talking, everyone thinks others are doing exciting things with big data, but the truth is that most people in the industry are still trying to figure it all out. Many lack even a basic understanding of this data, much less the terms used to describe it.

  • Three Choices For Implementing Transparency in Programmatic Insider on 06/29/2014

    Brands can no longer enter into digital agreements that lack visibility into how much of their money goes toward working media that accomplishes their goals. I have written before that advertisers need to be proactive in pushing for transparency in programmatic buying. When advertisers start digging into transparency with their digital teams, they may not like the answers they get. Fortunately, those unsatisfied with the status quo and looking to take matters into their own hands have options.

  • Seven Transparency Questions Advertisers Need To Ask Their Agency in Programmatic Insider on 06/03/2014

    The online ad industry has been battling issues of transparency for most of its existence and adoption of programmatic media sales has only fueled the debate. Fewer than one quarter of client-side marketers understand programmatic and use it in campaigns, while 42% feel that concerns over transparency have increased in the past year, according to a recent survey by the ANA and Forrester. Advertisers have a right to be concerned, as less of their budget is going toward ads that are actually shown to the target audience, in a suitable environment and the right number of times.

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