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Julia Cantor

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  • Influencer Marketing Trends in Engage:Millennials on 04/17/2015

    In today's hyper-connected world, social circles have expanded into networks whose communities and influence span the globe, online and off. Word travels especially fast for Millennials, who on average spend more than three hours a day on social media. As such, influencers who drive conversations and engagement are increasingly important to brands because they play a significant role in consumers' purchase decisions. This is especially true for Millennials.

  • Best Practices When Engaging Millennials Through Social Influencers in Engage:Millennials on 07/18/2014

    It is no secret that Millennials are, by and large, social media enthusiasts. With the expansion of the social networking landscape in recent history, Millennials are not just connecting online with friends; they are connecting online with thought leaders, experts, idols, and any other figures they are interested in but might not actually know in real life.

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