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Evan Simeone

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  • VP Engineering PubMatic
  • New York New York
  • 10036 USA

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  • How To Succeed (And Not Fail) At Header Bidding in Real-Time Daily on 03/22/2016

    The technology behind header bidding has been around for several years, but it's been a hot topic over the past year primarily because header bidding isn't a straightforward technology. Debates have emerged (especially in trade media) on its efficacy, implementation complexity - and, more broadly, whether it is the natural next step in the evolution of digital advertising. Given these debates, what should publishers know before embarking on a header-bidding-driven ad-sales strategy?

  • Ad Tech's Next Step in Programmatic Insider on 08/14/2014

    Though it was released nearly 80 years ago, Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times" remains the quintessential film about technology and its relationship to control. The scene in which Chaplin gets swallowed up by the cogs of an enormous machine is the classic image of technology that was designed to make our lives better but ends up sucking us into its workings. Like Chaplin, we sometimes find ourselves facing new technologies we do not control, wondering whether this is really progress. Those of us in the advertising technology industry know the feeling. With all our technological innovation, it is sometimes easy to forget that we're not in the business of creating advanced algorithms and automated processes, but of helping publishers and advertisers deliver relevant content to end users more efficiently.

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