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Richard Jones

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  • CEO EngageSciences
  • Twitter: @oldstriker
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Richard is the CEO and co-founder of EngageSciences. He has nearly two decades experience in digital, working in both marketing agencies and the software industry. Richard has steered EngageSciences to be one of the fastest growing marketing software companies emanating from the UK, with clients in over 76 countries, including industry leaders like Vodafone, Microsoft, Spotify, Verizon, AOL and Universal. Richard is a regular blogger and speaker on social marketing topics.

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  • Your Next CMO Needs To Be An Engineer in Marketing Daily on 01/22/2016

    Traditionally, marketing teams have been dominated by copywriters, graphic designers and brainstormers - mostly arts graduates. But those days are gone.

  • How Brands Can Avoid The Legal Pitfalls Of UGC Marketing in Social Media Insider on 03/18/2015

    A growing fervor for UGC generated on social platforms begs an important question. What do brands need to know about UGC rights issues, and how can marketers make sure they operate within the law? It's an issue U.S. retailer Duane Reade is only too aware of, having been caught up in a lawsuit not long ago for posting a photo (without permission) on Twitter of actress Katherine Heigl holding two of its bags. So what should brand marketers do to avoid similar costly mistakes?

  • Why User-Generated Content Is The New Marketing Currency  in Mobile Insider on 11/13/2014

    With user-generated content so rich and freely available online, straight marketing messages just aren't cutting it like they used to. Marketing must move into a participatory age where user-generated content sits at the center of the customer journey and brand Web sites emerge as social hubs in their own right. Marketers that recognize the true potential of social content will reap the benefits.

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