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  • 4 Ways To Stand Out In The New Age Of Retail And Consumer Goods in Marketing: CPG on 04/27/2016

    They face slow growth in their traditional markets, find that emerging markets are not the panacea they once seemed and battle new and established competitors at every turn. CPG companies need to find new ways to stand out, and one area that hasn't been truly conquered yet is their understanding of their customers.

  • Digitization: Disrupting And Defining All At Once in Marketing: CPG on 04/22/2015

    The digitization of the global consumer packaged goods (CPG) business is posing huge challenges for marketers. The most obvious is the scope of the change that lies ahead. More than half of C-level executives globally, for example, believe that digital will bring about significant change or complete transformation of their businesses, according to a CEO study we conducted. This will impact CPG companies as much as it is hitting other sectors, too.

  • Putting Digital At The Heart of Strategy in Marketing: CPG on 02/25/2015

    In recent years, many more CPG companies have adopted cutting-edge digital tactics to reach out to consumers. Many rely on playful, digitally enabled interactions: a toy company's social media campaign might invite consumers to upload and rate photos featuring the product, for example, with the promise that top-rated fans will receive personalized 3D-printed figures, cashing in on cultural fascination with this new technology.

  • Internet Of Things: Ready For Prime Time In Consumer Packaged Goods in Marketing: CPG on 11/26/2014

    As with many seemingly overnight sensations, the Internet of Things (IoT) - the digitization of everyday objects - has been a long time coming. More than three decades ago, thirsty students at Carnegie Mellon University famously connected a Coke machine to the Internet, in order to see whether it had drinks in stock, making it one of the first popular examples of the IoT in action.

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