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Andrew Monfried

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Founder & CEO of Lotame

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  • Mar Tech IS Real -- But Hype Makes Real Mess in Real-Time Daily on 02/29/2016

    Suddenly, "ad tech" is a bad term, and a chorus stretching from Madison Avenue to Silicon Valley is screaming "mar tech" at the top of their lungs. In just a few months' time, we went from a shotgun wedding that promised to merge mar tech with ad tech, to declarations that ad tech is "dead."

  • Why The Ad Industry Needs To Go On A Cookie Diet in Metrics Insider on 03/31/2015

    To say that we're in the midst of a sea change in content consumption and creation is a bit of an understatement. It's more like a revolution: one being driven by connected devices that fit on a lap, in a back pocket, and now even on a wrist. However, many in the advertising industry are actually facing a bit backward when it comes to making this mobile revolution profitable. It all comes down to an overdependence on cookies.

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