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April Mullen

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  • Director of Strategic Insights SparkPost
  • Twitter: @aprildmullen
  • California
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  • Improving Personalization: AI, Trust, The Human Channel in Marketing Insider on 05/03/2019

    At the heart of the new era of marketing success is contextual personalization: building customized experiences that draw from known individual needs and preferences.

  • Personalization For Complex Customers in Marketing Insider on 02/23/2018

    Personalization is a proven way to get consumers to pay more attention to your messages. That's why 72% of marketers say they use it in their email marketing campaigns. But, the same survey indicates that the majority of marketers aren't getting it right.

  • Email Re-Engagement, Reimagined in Email Marketing Daily on 08/17/2017

    We've all had them: the conversation with a colleague who says, "Why can't we just keep sending campaigns to everyone in the email database? It can't hurt, right?" Yes, it can. A lot.

  • Your Web Site's Role In Addressing Tricky Segments in Email Marketing Daily on 06/26/2017

    Email has long had a strong relationship with the Web site as a channel. The primary purpose of an email is often to drive traffic to a site for conversions. Outside of some basic use cases like abandoned cart and abandoned browse campaigns, though, the relationship has long been one-sided, with Web sites getting most of the advantages. It's time to make this relationship between these two important channels symbiotic to amplify your relationships with hard-to-reach segments.

  • The Newsletter's Big Comeback in Email Insider on 06/01/2017

    Something interesting is happening. The Instagraming, Snapchatting hipster crowd are readjusting their glasses and peering at something on their screens. It's a communication form so old, that it's about to enter its retro phase. And if hipsters have taught us anything, retro is cool. What am I talking about? Curated newsletters. These digital relics that initially emerged in popularity in the late 90s/early 2000s are experiencing a major comeback that is largely being driven by Gen Y's love for email.

  • Where Can Email Marketing Take Your Career? in Email Insider on 05/18/2017

    It's quite all right to be a lifelong email marketer, since demand is certainly high. Many, however, want to leverage their skills to advance down a different path. If you're an all-knowing specialist/generalist in email marketing, here are ideas on where you can take your career next:

  • Tips To Overcome Testing Barriers in Email Insider on 05/04/2017

    How convenient would it be to have a focus group available to you whenever you had a burning question on the direction you should go with your marketing efforts? I have good news for you. You already have it! Every interaction with your consumer is a chance to learn and apply the results to pivot in a different direction.

  • Four Operational Audits You Should Perform Regularly  in Email Insider on 04/20/2017

    You need to proactively try to prevent problems that could develop into a brand embarrassment, potentially causing revenue loss and increased customer attrition. Here are four audit practices to perform on your email program on a quarterly or biannual basis.

  • Your Email And Cross-Channel Spring-Cleaning Checklist in Email Insider on 04/06/2017

    Spring has arrived, along with the inevitable tasks that always follow the farewell to winter. Bring that spirit of renewal to work by focusing on your email and cross-channel marketing program.

  • Amplify The Power Of A Click in Email Insider on 03/23/2017

    We put a lot of focus on the click in the email conversion funnel - and for good reason. When a click takes place, it means the email has done its job to compel the consumer to transition from the email to your Web site. From there, the site does the work to help drive the actual conversion. By narrowly focusing on this process, though, email marketers have largely overlooked what a click can do.

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