Email Marketing Daily
Tuesday, February 25, 2020
  • Shoppers And Stores Do Not Line Up On Personalization: Study

    Most consumers want personalized service. But retailers lag in providing it, enVista reports. Read the whole story

  • Valimail Offers Free DMARC Visibility Tool

    DMARC Monitor allows users to view data from DMARC reports in a dashboard format. Read the whole story

  • InboxAds Debuts WordPress Plugin For Monetizing Email Newsletters

    The new plug-in allows authors and bloggers to produce revenue and engage subscribers, the firm says. Read the whole story

  • Phase-Out Of Third-Party Cookies Is Win For Email

    This is an opportunity for anyone driving an audience to their website to look at creating better profiles that drive longer term loyalty and ... Read the whole story

  • It's The B2B Identity, Stupid

    What if you could target businesses based on their intent signals using an identity marker as indelible as a consumer's social security number? Well, ... Read the whole story