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Stacia Hanley

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  • Media Director School of Thought
  • San Francisco California
  • 94133 USA

Based in San Francisco. I like to think about how to improve brand communications: on individual, audience and global scales. I want to understand why particular pieces of communication are either successful or challenging, and I really like when I can identify the variables that should be affected to improve a piece of communication over time. I am motivated by a belief that we are a happier and more productive society - for ourselves personally and as consumers - when there is transparency and understanding in communication; and I believe that it is in understanding that we foster a deepened respect for one another, and willingness collaborate. Literally, by improving our communications, we make this world a better place.

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  • Will Big Data Kill Off Our Precious Syndicated Research Tools? by Stacia Hanley (Marketing Insider: Cross-Channel on 03/23/2015)

    Ed - thank you for a great comment! The answer is always a little of everything, right? I do think though that there is so much left for wanting when it comes to big data, or syndicated research / "small data" (I think you're aligning the two?). Either way, syndicated research tools cannot continue to exist as they do today...that's my point about exploring more connections between the field of psychology, qualitative and quantitative research, and big data...and yes, ultimately the answer is some layering or co-evolution of it all. But we can't deny that there is so much new information out there being produced by big data, it seems unimaginable that we don't end up tapping into it for these purposes on a larger scale. Thanks again! My goal in producing these articles is to generate discussion in the industry.

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