• Protecting Baby: Cross-Channel Marketing To Sell A Stem Cell Service
    Protecting Baby: Cross-Channel Marketing To Sell A Stem Cell Service
  • Form Follows Function: The DMA's New Cross-Device RFI
    Tone up your attribution by using the new cross-device ID template, or RFI, from the Digital & Data Marketing Association.
  • Chatmeter CEO Collin Holmes On The Importance Of Reviews
    Chatmeter CEO Collin Holmes talks about the importance of reviews and the future of search.
  • 7 Things Omni-Channel Marketers Need To Get Right
    What separates the cross-channel marketers from the omni-channel is the degree of integration for the customer. Here are seven things it's time to get right.
  • In The Zone: Geography, Behavior And Cross-Channel Identity
    Semcasting uses IP addresses to determine geography and behavior. An interview with CEO Ray Kingman.
  • Creating The Omnicom Omni-Channel Agency For McDonald's
    Wendy Clark, CEO of DDB North America, outlined how the agency turned itself inside out for McDonald's when the quick service restaurant chain issued a 4-inch RFP for an omni-channel agency approach.
  • Disney Determines Long-Term Impact Of Its MultiPlatform TV
    A Disney study examines the interplay between multi-platform TV and paid search.
  • Where Luxury Intersects With Digital
    ow luxury brands and the digital age fit together underwent scrutiny last week at a panel of senior executives at Columbia University.
  • Users And Devices: The New Ecommerce
    Almost a third of all ecommerce transactions take place on multiple devices, Criteo reports. But measuring that may be more complicated than it looks.
  • How The Home Depot Optimizes Omni-Channel
    Erin Everhart, senior manager of media strategy for The Home Depot, gave an animated and revealing window last week into the "organized chaos" of her day-to-day life at the DIY giant to make the best use of every media dollar.
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